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Meet the Reading Foodie

Emilie Parrish, food blogger & author of Fermenting Made Simple: Delicious Recipes to Improve Your Gut Health

In addition to her blog, Emilie is in the process of writing a couple of fiction books. She says she has learned a lot about the world of publishing and decided to go with a local publisher, Touchwood Editions, to get her work to print.

Emilie’s goal with Fermenting Made Simple is to demystify the world of fermenting by making it easy and approachable. Everything you need in her book can be bought at your regular grocery store, no specialized equipment or fancy products required. She says “people have been fermenting food since the Middle Ages, so it goes without saying that it shouldn’t be fussy”.

Emilie wants to help everyday folk master the process, so her approach to fermenting is relaxed. She says “the chapter on sourdough might be upsetting to some of the stalwarts of the fermenting community, but you should do whatever works best for you”.

If you want to follow her updates on fermenting, along with her reading list and her adventures in the world of publishing, check out her Instagram feed @readingfoodie

Emilie’s book is out May 17th and available here.