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Garden Market / Vic West

Doing your weekly shop doesn’t have to be boring when you visit The Garden Market in Vic West. This shop has a very special feel. Amongst the shelves of local products there are beautiful art installations, a grand piano, barrel vaulted tunnels and mobile of white paper doves. Its the kind of place that you might see Martha Stewart shop if she was to ever to visit Victoria.

They have an amazing selection of chocolate, fresh daily pastries and coffee, kombucha is on tap, and there are farm fresh organic eggs and lots of veg.

In the back there’s a garden and a greenhouse and in addition to their plentiful herb & spice any cook would delight in, there is flower shop and a home store stocked by Rhubarb Home Store on Saltspring.


This oasis was the brainchild of Ryan, Brandon & Emmet, who have a background in construction and wanted to design and build a completely original place to serve their community. There’s no other place like it in Victoria.


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