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Victoria Instagram feeds we love

Seeing this little city through the eyes of it’s locals is quick and easy with some Instagram feeds we love.


1. YYJ Catalogue

“▫️a visual guide – to be viewed as a collection”  – Beautiful cityscapes and architecture in Victoria mixed in with some favourite restaurants and local hang outs.

2. CausedbyEffect

For fans of analogue photography, this is colourful and sometimes gritty gallery of Victoria’s non touristy haunts, signage, old motels, and spaces, a record of a city going through some changes as time goes by.

3. Talking Shop

The covid brainchild of a writer and photographer joining forces to document and support small business in Victoria by interviewing shopkeepers and sharing their stories.

4. Victoria Tourist Memes

You get it,…irreverent memes making fun of tourists and cruise ships. 

5. The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The largest art collection in BC housed in the Rockland area of Victoria.

6. VicFoodGuys

These guys know about the Victoria food scene and have an amazing insta feed and a website with features & podcasts with all the best Victoria foodies.

7. YYJ Foodies

Great resource for where to get your next dinner out.