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Driftwood Pinch Pots – Maker Profile

Meet Tanya Lee, the inventive maker behind Driftwood Pinch Pots, a ceramics studio focused on simplicity, sustainability & zero waste. 

Driftwood Pinch Pots began a few years ago as a part time hobby when Tanya, who teaches at a local middle school, was able to get her hands on a pottery wheel and practice her craft. Over time she created a line of west coast inspired ceramics with a resourceful twist. 

The mainstay of her line of ceramics are the pinch pots of course. They are sold together as a set, one bowl each for salt & pepper and sometimes a third for a small succulent plant, all presented on a piece of driftwood, combed from our local Victoria beaches. 

While one part of the Driftwood sets is gleaned from Victoria’s beaches, Tanya says too that what she loves about ceramics is that there is very little waste. Leftover clay from the makings of one object just gets used in the next pot or mug thrown onto the wheel. 

Among Driftwood’s most popular designs are little ceramic houses and Christmas ornaments. Tanya recently released a batch on social media and they sold out in a flash.

Its a popular selling technique for makers these days to release a certain amount of goods on social media so they can control quantities and make the objects they want to make rather than spending all of their time filling custom orders.

She also has an upcoming collaboration in the works with the Cordova Candle Company, soon to be released in the coming weeks, so if you need a last minute gift for the holidays and want to shop local, have a look at some of the beautiful ceramics that Driftwood has to offer. Check out her social media for updates, news and more ceramic goodies to come.

Tanya’s pottery can be found on her online shop, at the gift shop at The Butchart Gardens and limited designs (honey pot & garlic keeper) are available at Marta Pantry on Bay street. 

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