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Coby Starck Design

Joyful pops of colour, abstract shapes, playful patterns & geometric lines that draw you in; the art of Coby Starck, a local artist, muralist and designer, is upbeat, bright, modern & fun.

I had the chance to chat with Coby, at her 1960s ranch style home that she is painstakingly renovating and customizing with her colourful vision. After a quick tour of the home which also serves as a recording studio for her musician husband, it’s plain to see that this home, really is a canvas for her life. Every nook and cranny is filled with paintings and bright murals line the halls.

Self taught, Coby moved to Victoria 3 years ago from Lethbridge with her family. Her journey in art and addiction to design began early in life, before the likes of HGTV or design blogs, but with Bob Villa & This Old House on PBS and Debbie Travis wielding her paintbrush.

Originally working in the world of hairstyling, Coby always had a flair for adding style to her surroundings. She started out designing and making tables in Alberta and then had the chance to design the interior of a restaurant, a hair salon, and soon after a real estate office.

She says she “has been obsessed and inspired with the world of design, in fact a little OCD about it, whether it’s a blog, design site, podcast etc”, and that she is addicted to the process of curation. A few years back she was interviewed on the widely read design blog, Apartment Therapy. She says ” all these little things add up and have allowed me to become the designer I knew that I would become”.

After her move to Victoria, she really began to share the home renovation process on instagram by documenting its transition.  A major set back in the renovation came when the atmospheric rivers hit BC last year and the basement was completely flooded. But work continues and new murals are going up.

Her time lapses of the mural process are very engaging. Now she’s has also been added to the roster of muralists for the city of Victoria, so hopefully we will see some of her art on a grander scale in 2024. You can also see some of her mural handy work at Ditch Records.

For now, Coby says “There’s nothing I love more than to get into the studio, turn up my favourite tunes & spend the day painting and making art.

Currently my playlist is Slyvan Esso, Wilco, anything alt country and a blend of indie rock”.


You can find Coby’s original art and prints available in her online shop on her new updated website and posters on Postery. and also at Belle General on Fort Street downtown.