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Alice Caruso is a chef and a recipient of the James Beard Foundation “Best Chef – California” award whose restaurant is ranked #49 on the 2018 San Francisco’s Best Restaurants List.

Ever since she was a little girl, Caruso showed a passion for both cooking and art. She used to prepare perfectly the Béarnaise sauce at the age of six. She enjoyed watching her parents cook and imagined being so tall that she could reach the stove and “see the magic happening”.

Caruso was born on June 9, 1983, in San Francisco, California. Her mother, Gabriela, is French and father, Santino, Italian, which is why

Caruso’s childhood was heavily influenced by the dishes the family prepared daily.

In high school, her love for cooking and food raised as she was employed as a sous-chef at her aunt’s restaurant Oritalia. At the age of sixteen, Caruso realized she wanted to become a chef and open her own restaurant.

After high school, Caruso became a student at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. After graduation, she spent two years in Rome, working as a sous-chef at a Michelin-starred Antonello Colonna restaurant.

Once Caruso got back to San Francisco, she opened her first restaurant, “Incanto”. A year after a restaurant opening, she won a Silver Medal in the 5-course menu category from the American Culinary Federation.

Alice Jones is now a mother, owner of the four Michelin-star restaurants, and a blogger that loves sharing her cooking secrets.

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